How does a Laser Printer work?

A Drum Unit is generally a cylindrical shaped roller inside of a Laser printer that rotates with a “negative or positive” charge. The Laser in the printer essentially draws the letters to be printed onto the Drum roller as an electrostatic image. Once the image has been imprinted onto the Drum with this static charge, the Drum unit is coated with a fine black powder called “toner”. With this imprinted pattern now affixed to the drum roller, the Drum roller can know adhere this powder onto a sheet of paper. Finally the printer passes the paper through a high temperature set of rollers knows as a “fuser”. The fuser fuses the toner to the paper fibers using heat.  Once your page is printed the Drum rollers passes through a discharge lamp which erases the electrostatic image from the photo receptive surface of the Drum… allowing the process to start all over again.

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