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The younger you are the less you probably remember that there was a time when typewriters ruled the publishing and office industry. The typewriter was the precursor to the home computer and word processor. In the golden age of typewriters, ribbons were correctible and the typewriters themselves were smarter than the old single key-single letter models of the distant past. As soon as technology made the typewriter an efficient tool for all businesses, technology also made it close to obsolete. feels that if there is one person with a typewriter than there should be a ribbon supply for that person.

While Brother still manufactures a few typewriters, the machine has become more of a kitsch or novelty item. That hasn’t stopped from carrying Daisy Wheel Correctable Ribbon Cassette Cartridges for virtually every Brother Typewriter available. offers ribbon product on most personal and business class machines along with a generic compatible brand. For those who think the past is past, is here to state that the past is not past but merely prologue for typewriter owners and aficionados.

Each genuine and compatible typewriter ribbon and correctible ribbon is ISO9001 certified. ISO is a quality management systems analyst that tests and has created guidelines to ensure consumers that the ink products on the market, like the items here at, are up to the highest standards possible for premium performance. is so confident of the quality of these products that we back it with our 90-Day Money back Guarantee. If you receive a damaged or incompatible ribbon or cartridge, will exchange it free of charge. If you are fully dissatisfied, will refund your money, no questions asked.

You can contact for all your customer service needs at 877-INK-Grab. A knowledgeable service team member can assist you on any questions you might have concerning the availability of Genuine Brother Correctable Ribbon Cartridges or any other Brother ink or toner products you might have. is committed to providing the highest quality service for you, including a newsletter that may include special discount codes and coupons for brother Correctible Typewriter Ribbons and other Brother Office Management solutions. Even if it seems out of date and passé, understands that if there is a demand for it, then we have to supply that demand. is your one-stop shop for all of your Brother Typewriter ribbon needs.

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