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The Kodak Company is a purveyor of innovative, compact and easy to use photo printers and printer docks that allow for an easy transfer of pictures from Kodak cameras and memory cards. The Kodak printer Dock series is a perfect example of this innovation, bringing a professional touch to the art of simple printing. The emergence of this series of stand alone printer docks have all but made photo labs obsolete. Inkgrabber.com provides a full line of inkjet and photo paper for your Kodak Printer Dock, offered in a convenient package a comparatively low cost to other retail outlets and online stores.

Whether you are shopping for the Kodak Printer Dock G600 or G610 or the Printer Dock Series 3 or Plus Series 3, Inkgrabber.com is your one-stop shop for everything Kodak Printer Dock. All of the inkjet we carry is genuine or remanufactured and compatible with all models of the Kodak Printer Dock Series and its Kodak Imagelink printer system. The photo paper we supply in our packages is genuine Kodak paper so you can be assured that the product is of the highest quality, weatherproof and worry free that Kodak is known for.

Inkgrabber.com stands by all of the product we offer from the Kodak family of products as well as the remanufactured and compatible products we sell. We are so confident in the product we provide we are willing to stamp our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on every single cartridge and paper leaf. If you are dissatisfied with any inkjet or paper simply return for a full refund no questions asked. If there is damage or if the product is incompatible in any way you can exchange it for a comparable product in its stead. At Inkgrabber.com your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB and speak to one of our customer service professionals concerning your potential purchase. An Inkgrabber.com representative will lead you through the entire purchasing process to make sure you receive the best quality and most compatible product for your Kodak machine. Sign up for the inkgrabber.com newsletter and find out how you can save a bundle on other inkjet and paper products. Browse through our thorough section of discount codes and special coupons and find the deal that is right for your needs. Inkgrabber.com is you number one source for all of your Kodak Printer Dock Series inkjet needs.

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