Brother TypeWriter SX4000 Rveiew from

Brother SX4000 TypeWriter

Brother SX4000 TypeWriter

The SX-4000 is a mid-level portable daisywheel typewriter with a 16-character black-lit LCD display and a 70,000 word dictionary. Its features include the Perfectype® professional touch keyboard, automatic “word-out®” and “line-out®” correction memory, automatic underling, bold printing, right margin flush, and view mode. This Type Writer also Automatic paper insertion and Automatic carriage return for quick and easy setup.  The SX4000 also contains an Interchangeable cassette ribbon for quick and easy replacing.

This compact device will be able to fit any desktop and complete the typing tasks at hand.  The Type Writer also has the ability of Forward and reverse indexing for quick transaction processing and indexing numbers and phrases.  The Brother SX4000 film ribbon will produce bold text and the capability to flush the right margin. Another nice feature is the Automatic repeat being able to copy all characters previously recorded.  It also has a Variable 10/12/15 pitch typing selector and for transportation the Paper support conveniently doubles as lid cover and has a carrying handle.

To help lower operating costs, Compatible film ribbons are available.  The best deal being offered is the Compatible Brother 1030 Correctable Typewriter film ribbon.  Also available is the original manufactured film ribbon in the Genuine Brother 1030 Correctable Typewriter film ribbon.

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