The Chicagolands Best Kept Brewing Secret: PapaNicholas Coffee Blend

The man behind the brilliance:

Nicholas A PapaNicholas grew up in the 1930s helping his father and uncle in the family’s gourmet coffee business where he learned traditional European roasting techniques and the best locations to cultivate coffee beans. The rich, indulgent aroma of roasting and grinding coffee has always been a cherished moment of his childhood and he’s wanted nothing more than to share his fond memories and likeness for true premium coffees with the rest of the world.

In the early 1980s, in pursuit of his vision to bring fine gourmet coffee blends to households and grocers everywhere, he started the PapaNicholas Coffee Company. Today, the company uses the same time-honored traditions and techniques passed to Nicholas A PapaNicholas, to bring household consumers some of the finest specialty coffee blends from around the planet.

The PapaNicholas Coffee Company currently has over 50 varieties of premium whole bean and freshly ground coffee blends to choose from that are harvested, roasted, and ground daily for the highest quality, flavor, and aroma possible. The company also takes advantage of one-way freshness valves for better tasting and smelling grounds.

The company maintains freshness as their #1 priority, utilizing temperature controlled underground storage facilities and the “Fast-Pack” system, which minimizes the time from the roaster to the package. The one-way valves on the packaging are an industry standard for top premium roasters to use on their large bags of coffee as a freshness measure.  PapaNicholas takes this concept to a whole new level, employing them on every package, even their 1.75 ounce single pot packs to guarantee freshness with every cup of PapaNicholas Coffee.

The best part about PapaNicholas Coffee is they roast their coffee to order, meaning that each scoop is personally roasted for unmatched quality and flavor. Many large chain or corporate coffee roasting distributors will over-roast or burn their beans to maintain production. Thus why a chain coffee shops’ cup of coffee will always taste the same no matter where you pick it up, burnt. With PapaNicholas, each batch is roasted depending on the orders they receive throughout day to meet customers’ preferences and to enhance the overall coffee experience.

PapaNicholas offers five different levels of roasting from a light American Roast to a dark Italian / Espresso roast.  In general, a lighter roast will have a sweeter flavor and a higher amount of caffeine, whereas the darker roast has less caffeine but a richer and stronger flavor. With PapaNicholas’ select roasting process and premium beans found around the world, PapaNicholas delivers a superior cup of joe with great body, enhanced smoothness, and comforting flavors.

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