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5 Reasons to Join Us on Facebook

1.  Get the latest news and updates from the company – Stay up to date with the latest product information and explore news articles and press releases about the company.

2.  Exclusive coupon codes and discounts – Mr. Inkgrabber loves giving his friends the best deals and uses Facebook to display the exclusive coupon codes.  Become a friend of Mr. Inkgrabber by liking our Facebook Page for the ultimate savings.

3.  Enter giveaway contests for chances to win free prizes and one of a kind discounts  – Be on the lookout for Mr. Inkgrabber’s Giveaway Contests where some lucky fans of our page can win big prizes by following the entry rules. The entry rules are always simple and will usually consist of posting a comment or possibly a Holiday themed picture. Some of our past winners have walked away with iPads, a wireless computer mouse, Gift Certificates, and even a big screen HDTV.

4.  Daily Deals on hot items and printer supplies as well as price drop alerts – Whenever we change the price of a product or when a product goes on sale, we post the information on our Facebook Fan site. This way our loyal fans are informed of Price Drop Alerts first; even before the Inkgrabber Newsletter recipients.

5.  Get to know the Inkgrabber Family – At we pride ourselves on our family atmosphere being a family-run business for over 11 years. We treat every customer like part of the family with our knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff. We train our staff to treat our customers like family and we think you’ll be surprised at how much we care. We’re different then the competition and we’ll prove it to you!

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