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Voice Activated 3D Printing

Yahoo Japan has developed the first 3 Dimensional Search Engine to combine with 3D printers allowing users to print nearly any object with a verbal command. The engine works by rapidly searching the internet for existing blueprints to deliver a palm sized object in a few minutes. This means that nearly anyone can print 3D objects without any sort of training. Simply by initiating a voice command, users will be able to print tools, toys, fixtures, or any other object as diverse as the blueprints on the internet.

Many sites have already been opened with extensive amounts of blueprints for those getting started or for those that want to purchase more complex designs. And with 3D printing becoming increasingly more commonplace, blueprints for aesthetics such as Holiday decorations and coffee table art are available. No doubt, printing household items and commodities will be popular, although 3D printing can span and benefit nearly all aspects of life.

The medical and dental fields have been employing 3D printing technology for years, but imagine if ER doctors and Surgeons had a voice activated organ printer that can printout artificial implants during the operation. No more waiting for an organ donor that may or may not have a compatible component. This also eliminates the need to preserve organs for future incidents.

This voice activated 3D printer, which is part owned by Japanese mobile carrier Softbank and US Internet giant Yahoo!, has been introduced to a school for blind and visually impaired students in Tokyo on a temporary basis. Yahoo Japan has commented that this printer will be free to use for the school until mid-October, giving them about a month to explore the vast possibilities that can aide cognitive development and learning.

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