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Dell Inkjet A960 Review from

Dell Inkjet A960 All-In-One Printer

Dell Inkjet A960 All-In-One Printer

The Dell Inkjet A960 is a multifunction printer for the home office or small business.  It can print, scan, copy, and fax in professional quality for all your business needs.  The printer includes a 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder for unassisted copying, scanning, and faxing to help keep productivity high.  This multifunction printer can produce 17 pages per minute for black and white printouts and 12 pages per minute for color printouts.  And with 2 individual Dell ink cartridges, setting up and replacing ink becomes effortless as they automatically realign when changed.

The Dell A960 ink cartridges have a specialized ink management system to help yield more printouts. Additionally, the special pigment black ink is highly resistant to smudging, allowing you to handle to documents right after printing. The printer can even print directly onto envelopes, cards, and a variety of presentation paper. This device will also deliver printouts with resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 color dpi for vibrant and detailed graphics and projects.

To help lower operating costs, cheap ink cartridges are available in Remanufactured form.  The best value being offered is the 6 Pack of Remanufactured Dell Inkjet cartridges containing 4 black ink cartridges and 2 color cartridges replacing the Dell 7Y743, 7Y745, X0502, and X0504.  For individual purchase you can get the Black Remanufactured High Yield Dell Inkjet cartridge replacing the CH883 and the DH828 as well as the Color Remanufactured High Yield Dell Inkjet cartridge replacing the 7Y743 and the X0502.

Dell Inkjet A940 Review from

Dell A940 All-In-One Printer

Dell A940 All-In-One Printer

The Dell A940 all-in-one can print, scan, make copies, and acts a fax machine for small purposes. This device has a lot of functions which are easy to use and master with a monochrome LCD screen. It also has good printing speeds around 6 pages per minute and the quality of prints is great for the home user.  And with the Dell A940 ink cartridges producing resolutions reaching 4800 x 1200 color dpi, you can print authentic, vivid photographs and graphics.

This machine is fairly compact allowing it to fit any desktop with relative ease.  And with its sleek design, the printer actually looks good on display.  The printer uses inkjet technology and the cartridges are simple to install and replace.  The Dell A940 is an ideal printer from the home that wants to produce high quality documents and photographs with little effort.

To help lower operating costs, cheap ink is available in the form of Remanufactured Inkjet cartridges.  The Remanufactured Dell Inkjet 6 combo pack is the best value being offered with 4 black cartridges and 2 color cartridges replacing the 7Y743, 7Y745, X0502, and the X0504. For individual purchase and still a cheap option, you can get the Remanufactured color inkjet cartridge replacing the 7Y745 / X0504 or the Remanufactured Dell High-Yield black ink cartridge replacing the 7Y743 / X0502.

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