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The Adobe Creative Cloud by Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox has announced partnering with Adobe to create their own cloud computing software that lets users print and design projects from virtually any location. The move is set to help designers and other creative professionals meet their tight deadlines with the help of inclusive resources and tools provided within the program.

According to Fuji Xerox executives, creative professionals are severely limited by the lack of resources and tools that are offered with current cloud printing software. In an attempt to appease this large grouping of overlooked users, subscribers to the new Adobe Creative Cloud printing software may use the entire collection of graphic design tools and services at a low cost.

Not only does this program have graphic design elements, this technology can build and publish websites, mobile sites, mobile applications, and other content for various devices. And being cloud computing software, users can still enjoy the original cloud features such as sharing files, capturing feedback, and keeping track of all projects on a single platform.

Adobe is known for offering easy and simple management tools which are going to be updated and upgraded accordingly. The tools provided by the software are made accessible on all devices to eliminate pestering restrictions due to the device being operated on. This gives users the power to build and format projects or presentations from any handheld device with seamless integration.

Fuji Xerox utilizes their popular printing features such as the advanced color management systems to increase product quality and development efficiency. A valued solution, XMPie has also been added to the mix, offering variable-data publishing (or VDP) solutions for a variety of personalized applications that enable cross-media campaigns and deliver a wide range of solutions with different application requirements. This allows the Adobe Creative Cloud to adapt in intuitive ways tailoring to customers’ file handling needs.

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