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What’s the Difference between Genuine, Remanufactured, and Compatible Ink Cartridges?

With the elevated prices of inks and toners these days, Remanufactured and Compatible cartridges are becoming the more popular choice to replace old or used ink and toner cartridges with. Both Remanufactured and Compatible cartridges are offered at only a fraction of the price the OEM or Genuine ink and toner cartridges are available for and they all contain identical printer compatibility and page yield specifications. So why are there three different choices of cartridges to choose from and what’s the difference between them?

OEM / Genuine Cartridges

OEM ink cartridges and OEM toner cartridges are also known as Genuine ink and Genuine toner cartridges.

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means the item comes from the company that built the main equipment or printer in this case. OEM cartridges are created completely from scratch and require a lot of oil to manufacture. Companies such as Brother, HP, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Dell, and so forth are all OEM or brand name companies that offer Genuine ink and toner cartridges to replace the cartridges that came with the printer during the purchase.

Since each component of the cartridge is created from scratch at the brand name manufacturer’s facility, Genuine cartridges tend to be the least environmentally friendly replacement. Several ounces of oil are used to produce an average sized ink cartridge and toner cartridges, being much bigger components, use nearly a gallon of oil to be created. These replacement cartridges also need new rubber, plastic, foam, metal, paper, and inks or toner powder to complete the component.

These companies make the necessary arrangements for their printers and cartridges to work well together and spare no expense in doing so. OEM companies try to use the best quality parts and fill their cartridges with the best quality inks and pigments to give their customers a high quality consumable product. Unfortunately this makes the components significantly more expensive, ranging from 2 to 5 times higher than their Remanufactured and Compatible counterparts.

Compatible Cartridges

Much like the OEM cartridges, Compatible cartridges are made from scratch and are completely new components. A compatible cartridge is made from a third party manufacturer or company with the intension of bringing consumers a cheaper or more affordable alternative when it comes to replacing ink and toner. These cartridges are not made from the Original Equipment Manufacturer or brand-name Company but are intended to function and work the same way that an OEM cartridge would.

Many of these third party manufacturers use the same elements, steps, and regulations as the OEM companies to create their compatible cartridges for a product that matches or replicates the overall functionality and quality of the genuine cartridge. The quality of a Compatible cartridge will depend on the quality of company making the cartridge and distributing the cartridge.

If an extremely cheap price is available, way below what their competition is offering the same Compatible cartridges for, chances are these replacements are simply garbage and will not print with any consistency or quality if they print at all. Make sure the distributor ensures that all their products have been ISO certified and try to deal only with companies that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as these companies follow stricter guidelines and bring comparable products to the scene.

Chances are that an LC 103 ink cartridge you found for a Brother DCP and MFC printer being sold at $1.99 per cartridge is too good to be true.

Remanufactured Cartridges

Remanufactured Cartridges are the absolute best replacement alternative for the environment. Remanufacturers refill depleted ink and toner cartridges, keeping tens of thousands of pounds of industrial-grade metals and plastics out of landfills each year. Remanufacturers start with recycled cartridges and components and use them to recreate and redistribute cartridges back to the consumers.

Recycled cartridges are delivered to these remanufacturers to start the process of bringing consumers a cheaper alternative component to replace ink and toner with. These remanufacturers will first Inspect, Sort, and Grade all the recycled components and keep only the most premium pieces to ensure optimal output quality. The remaining pieces or non-conforming components are dissembled and recycled appropriately.

Once the pieces have been sorted and graded, they are split open and thoroughly cleaned before being refilled and resealed. After being sealed, factory trained technicians will assemble all cartridges with OEM grade components then send them off to be tested and packaged for quality control.

Quick Overview

In a nut shell, OEM cartridges are from the product manufacturer, Compatible cartridges are from a third party looking to provide a cheaper replacement, and Remanufactured cartridges are simply cleaned and refilled OEM cartridges. At Inkgrabber, we always recommend the less expensive Compatible and Remanufactured cartridges from, as they significantly lower the cost to operate each printer and are tested thoroughly to ensure top quality printing results. We also offer Inkgrabber coupons that will help lower the cost of our Remanufactured and Compatible inks and toners.

Cheap Ink Cartridges for Brother DCP Series Printers

Brother International is known the world over for it commitment to innovation in the printing field. Brother products span from copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines and multifunction units that combine all of these processes into one machine. Brother produces quality machine that demand quality ink cartridges and accessories. DCP series is Brother’s line of multifunction copiers. For use in the home for photos and home paperwork to small offices and firms to growing businesses who crave speed and efficiency in order to further their growth, offers a full line of Genuine and compatible ink cartridges for Brother’s DCP series.

Whether you are looking to print out vacation photos, printing your resumes on the DCP-165C inkjet model or putting together that all important portfolio for the crucial clients using the DCP-8080D Laser Multi-Function Copier, has all the supplies you need to keep these machines running at peak performance and ensure the job is done right. offers compatible drum units and toner cartridges for the DCP-1000, DCP-165C and across the board in the DCP series. There are also genuine ink cartridges and drum units available for all models and levels of the DCP series. Combination packs are also available as well as high capacity toner cartridges.

Regardless of the element needed for the particular machine you own, provides you with the ink supplies you need to keep your DCP series machine humming. also offers its 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all Brother DCP ink cartridges, Drum Units and other DCP series accessories. If the product is in any way damaged or incompatible with your DCP copier, will exchange the product for no extra charge. If you are completely dissatisfied with your ink purchase you can return it and be refunded the cost, no questions asked. guarantees that every remanufactured or compatible item has been manufactured in an ISO9001 factory.

For information on the products that provides of the Brother DCP-Series you can contact our customer service team at 877-INK-GRAB. There you will find experts who can consult you on the right product for your DCP machine and help you with any questions you might have about ink cartridge life, machine compatibility and installation. You can also sign on to the newsletter and discover the saving possibilities you can receive on DCP Series machine. Be on the lookout there for special discount codes and coupon offers on Brother DCP products.

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