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Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is an internet based application that allows owners of at least one printer to print documents from their mobile devices. This application allowing you to print from any mobile device, works on ALL printers whether they can connect to the internet themselves through an Ethernet or wireless interface or they have no direct internet capabilities. The more classic printers, which cannot connect directly to the internet, will need to be connected to a Mac, Linux, or Windows computer with internet access in order to utilize the cloud printing. Once a printer has been set up with Google Cloud Print, it can be used to print from any desired internet connected device.

To connect printers that do not come Cloud Ready, users will need to install Google Chrome on their Windows, Mac, or Linux computers that are connected directly to the printer. Once Chrome has been installed on a connected computer, users can sign in and access Google Cloud Print Connector to add their connected printers to the cloud. When the PC, connected to the printer and internet, is on, users can remotely control printer settings, mange their printers, and print desired projects from any internet connected device. Devices can be used from any location with internet access and a downloadable Google Cloud Print Application. Printers that are Cloud Ready will connect directly to the web and do not require a computer to set up or use.

Any type of application can be sent to and printed on your Cloud ready printer to eliminate restrictions and to be able to create fully customizable printouts. There is no need to convert photographs and highly detailed projects to lesser-sized file formats in order to print materials. Changing the file formats can lower valuable resolutions and eliminate necessary elements on final printouts. The cloud feature allows you to print the file you want and when you want without having to change any properties. The Cloud also lets you share your registered printer(s) with Google Chrome friends and family that you choose. With one click, you can select the friends and family you want to have access to your registered Google Cloud Print printer(s) so they can manage and print jobs easily.

With Google Cloud Print you and anyone you choose can access your home and work printers that have been registered on your account, with devices used everyday such as smart phones and tablets. For iOS platforms and Android phones, users can download an application that will communicate directly with your Google account and give you control of the printers registered to your account. Currently, this feature can be used on any internet connected device with a downloadable application (the name of the application will vary depending on the OS and device being used), a connection to Google Chrome OS, Chrome, Gmail for mobile, or using Google Docs for mobile.

Users will be able to print from virtually anywhere with their smart phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and any other web-connected devices. You can take pictures on a family vacation and have them already printed by the time you get back home. Teachers can send their projects to a company printing machine and pick them up once they have completed their lesson to not waste any time standing in front of the machine and waiting for projects to finish. You can also print important tickets and documents as soon as they are received instead of waiting until you get home and possibly forgetting. Be able to control when and where you are able to print with this Google Cloud Printing capability.

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