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What is a Drum Unit?

The Drum Unit is an integral part of technology used in laser printing and photocopying to create an image and transfer that image onto paper with the use of toner and heated fusing rollers.  First the photoreceptive cylinder, known as the drum unit is negatively or positively charged.  Then a laser will transfer the desired image to the surface of the drum by neutralizing the areas on the surface where the image would be.  The toner, after being charged negatively or positively is exposed to the drum unit.  The toner will attract to the areas of the drum in which the laser has passed over and neutralized, while the remaining toner will be repelled from the areas of the drum untouched by the laser, having the same electrostatic charge. The drum then rolls over the paper, transferring the toner to the paper.  Once the toner is on the paper, it will pass through heated fusing rollers to melt the toner onto the page, leaving the desired image behind. offers all three varieties of Drum Units including the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Genuine drum units which are created by the printer manufacturer, the Remanufactured drum units which are refilled genuine drum cartridges that are tested to ensure quality performance, and the Compatible drum units which are created as a generic alternative to the OEM and can be offered at a fraction of the genuine cartridge price.

All products, including the Brother DR-350, are ISO 9001 certified, meeting the highest standards. Every Remanufactured, Compatible, and Genuine Brother Drum Unit has up to a 2-3 Year Shelf life and is backed with the Inkgrabber 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. In addition also provides a 1 year cartridge exchange policy for damaged or faulty hardware.

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