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Pantum Printers –

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Pantum Printer

The Pantum Printer series are a compilation of compact or footprint laser printers designed especially for small office environments printing black and white documents on a frequent basis. These machines’ sole purpose is to bring companies, schools, and businesses an affordable solution to high volume printing in a timely manner. Using proprietary technology, Pantum has focused on bringing two types of printers to the market. Currently they are producing monochrome or black and white Single Function Printers (SFP), as well as monochrome Multifunction Printers (MFP). With the new Pantum line of printers, Seine Technologies now has full vertical integration. They have created the internal components and consumables for years and are now manufacturing the actual printers, completing their industry chain on printing.

Not aimed at the corporate laser market, Siene Technologies decided to introduce its first printer model series with a target on small and medium businesses. This is interesting when you look to some other printer manufactures, mostly all starting by producing machines for the upper echelon, corporate / government use or the more common, home usage and then expanding according to demand. Small businesses are usually thought of last, not having the deep pockets or money to spend like big corporations and because there is always a risk of longevity (how long the business will stay open). For example, HP (Hewlett Packard) started by selling electric oscillators to Walt Disney Studios, not exactly a small or medium sized business. Xerox, after growing from manufacturing and selling photographic paper to huge corporations, developed the Xerography machines with the help of the U.S. military. David Owen in Copies in Seconds relates:

The U.S. military’s concern that standard reconnaissance using photographic techniques would be nullified, if nuclear weapons were used. The silver halide emulsion in photographic plates is extremely sensitive to background radiation. Nuclear fallout could easily cause silver halide emulsions to fog. In 1948, the Signal Corps, at Fort Monmouth, N.J., gave Batelle and Haloid (Xerox) a considerable amount of money to look at electro-photography as an alternative to conventional photography. Military imperatives thus provided an important source of funding to help underwrite early xerography R&D.

And some other companies like Brother, started by selling household appliances commercially, such as domestic sewing machines and typewriters. Seine Tec decided to go in a different direction with its new venture into creating a series of printers for small and medium sized businesses. Already being a global leading laser printer consumables manufacturer for the last ten years, the company has had a unique perspective on the laser printing market. Noticing the lack of printers focusing on smaller businesses and their needs, they created a separate division of the company to manufacture a new printer series called Pantum.

Typically, small businesses are looking for reliable printers that can produce printouts at extremely high speeds with professional quality text and images. And perhaps the most important aspect small businesses are looking for in a laser printer is a low cost of operation. The models released by Pantum deliver just that. These machines will be able to print around 11 – 40 pages per minute in resolutions up to 1200 x 600 dpi. Also having an extremely simple design allows them to use an integrated drum and toner cartridge, removing a major hidden maintenance cost behind laser printing. That is, having to purchase a replacement photoconductive drum unit after a given amount of usage in addition to the already purchased toners. Furthermore, other machines that are targeting the lower end of the laser printer market are generally made with cheap plastic components unlike the durable and more reliable steel-made Pantums.

The Pantum printers are built with steel internal components and a robust steel frame for longevity and to withstand normal wear and tear. Having a sturdy steel print engine also ensures a longer mechanical life-span and a higher monthly output than comparative laser printers in its class. With full vertical integration, all components are made in house resulting in the absolute lowest manufacturing costs and bringing an affordable finished product to the market. Currently Pantum offers the PB110 black toner cartridge which will yield up to 1,500 pages averaging out to a cost of 4.19 cents per printout. They also offer a High Yield PB110H laser toner cartridge which yields around 2,300 pages and will average out to a cost of 3.04 cents per printout. Both cartridges were designed for the Pantum P2000 printer and the Pantum P2050 printer. These compact or footprint laser printers are reliable, durable, and most importantly affordable for businesses looking for a professional printing solution.

HP – Printer, Scanner, Copier Inks for less!

The Hewlett Packard PSC Series is the ultimate in business imaging machines. HP has once again shown their commitment to innovation and versatility that keeps it atop the industry. The PSC Series of multifunctional units is equipped with all the capabilities you have come to expect our of an HP office imaging machine. carries a full line of genuine, remanufactured and compatible inkjet product to stock your PSC Series all in one device at a low cost in comparison to other online and retail distributors. is your chief online source for all of your HP inkjet solutions.

The HP PSC Series provides the ability to print, copy, scan and fax quickly and with high-resolution you might expect from a laser all in one. It is ideal for all types of businesses and any size office with a variety of models to choose from. The remanufactured product is goes through a battery of tests to pass the standards required to meet ISO9001 certification. This certification is the industry criteria for all inkjet products and assures you a high performance cartridge with no affect on your HP warranty agreement. Each cartridge we sell is also displayed with a page yield percentage for tracking your ink consumption.

The philosophy is to provide high quality product at a low cost while offering a level of customer service that is elite. We stand by each and every inkjet cartridge we sell for the HP PSC Series of all in one devices. The 90-Day Money Back Guarantee covers our entire line of remanufactured inkjet. If you are not satisfied with your inkjet purchase simply return it for a full refund for the cost of the item. In the event that you receive a damaged or incompatible cartridge you can exchange for a replacement product. is committed to making you shopping experience easy and fruitful. Contact us at 877 INK GRAB and allow one of our expert customer service representatives will guide you through the entire purchasing process from choosing the appropriate compatible cartridge to shipping solutions to proper installation. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Sign up for the newsletter and browse for discount codes and coupon offers that will increase your savings on all sorts of HP inkjet and toner cartridge purchases. These savings may apply to your next HP PSC Series inkjet cartridge purchase.

Epson Stylus Pro Large Format Ink Cartridges –

The next in the line of Epson Stylus-geared multifunctional devices, the StylusPro is another compact printer, copier, scanner and fax all in one that provides a powerful and professional punch. As the need for smaller devices that perform the way larger multifunctional models do for large business become more in demand in our do it yourself reality, Epson continues a long heritage of offering a high resolution printer that performs all the functions a home designer needs. carries the entire line of black and color inkjet cartridges for the Epson StylusPro series line of multifunctional units.

At merely seventeen inches wide or less the Epson StylusPro Series is ideal for the home office. Using Espon 8-Ultrachrome Epson ink, the StylusPro produces remarkable resolution to each print. stocks genuine, remanufactured and compatible ink that all meets or exceeds the standards required for ISO9001 certification. This certification ensures that the inkjet cartridges we provide is of the highest quality and will not void your Epson StylusPro warranty in any way.  Each cartridge is tested and analyzed for its page yield percentage to keep you informed of an inkjet cartridges capacity.

Each inkjet product we supply is backed by the 90-Day Money back Guarantee which allows you to return any item for an even exchange if it is damaged or incompatible to your machine or simply return for a full cash refund. is committed to your satisfaction so if you are not happy with any product you purchased you can be assured that you don’t have to accept it. There are no extra charges, fees, or any questions asked. The guarantee applies to the entire line Epson StylusPro Series inkjet products. Your satisfaction is out chief priority.

Contact at our hotline 877 INK-GRAB. Our expert customer service team can guide you through your purchase from questioning compatibility and installation to performance to shipping. Our salespersons are committed to providing you with the best inkjet cartridge fit for you Epson StylusPro model. Sign up and browse the newsletter for special deals including discount codes and other coupons. These deals can lead to enormous savings on your potential Stylus Pro inkjet purchase. regularly updates the newsletter with new deals so make sure you keep an eye out for how you can save big for all of you inkjet and toner needs.

The Leading Online Source of Printer Ink Cartridges

Welcome to, the printing industry’s leading online supplier of printer ink cartridges. is your one-stop shop for all varieties of printer ink cartridges, copier toner and fax cartridges from every single available manufacturer in the printing industry. Corporate, Scholastic or personal, has offered professional service since 2003, saving thousands of dollars for our customers on a wide array of printer ink cartridges and toner products. Through superior product, price and customer service, will satisfy all of your needs in printer ink. backs every ink cartridge sale with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee. That includes every single inkjet cartridge and toner product has to offer. carries all types of alternatives for printer ink shoppers; every Genuine (OEM) name brand, Remanufactured Inkjet, Compatible Inkjet and refill kit imaginable is a click away. can also stock your need for Postage Meter Ink, Photo Paper, MICR Toner and Drum Units. All products are given the utmost care to ensure the highest level of quality in all printer ink cartridges and most products are ISO9001 certified. is committed to offering high quality inkjet cartridges at low, marked down rates to combat the outrageous retail pries of printer ink cartridges. customers enjoy savings up to 92% from retail mark-ups. carries all the top-brands in inkjet and toner cartridges and replacement printer ribbons at these cut-rate prices. Browse through inkjet products Dell, Brother, Canon, Ricoh, HP, Toshiba, Sharp, IBM, and so many more. Rest assured would not only have your ink, but also guarantee that it will perform to your expectations or exchange it free of charge. offers tracking on all orders conveniently through our website and ships free to anywhere in the continental United States. also provides a newsletter you can sign up keeping you updated on all product specials, coupons and discount codes that will keep you saving on all your printer ink. now offers corporate and school accounts which allow a smoother order and purchasing process through one-on-one service, the ability to earn ‘inkpoints’ for greater savings and many more benefits. Please review the tabs at the top of this site to find out how you can be a part of the experience and contact us here at Feel free to reach out to us for any questions you might have or comments that can help us serve you better.

Apollo P Series Printer Ink

Here is your one-stop shop for everything in Apollo Printer Ink Cartridges. Although Apollo Printers are no longer manufactured, understands the need and demand to continue to carry and provide Apollo Printer Ink Cartridges and accessory products. Apollo owners can be can be sure to expect the high quality results they are accustomed to with’s stock of remanufactured Apollo P-Series printer ink cartridges. Apollo Printers, as a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard is, well known for its quality product and commitment to customer service. offers this service in kind with a remanufactured Apollo inkjet product at an incredible price and remarkable quality. utilizes the vigorous testing procedures on all remanufacture P-Series components we sell. You can be assured of the quality you have come to expect from Apollo Printer Ink Cartridges. Every Apollo P-Series ink cartridge you purchase comes with the 90-day Money Back Guarantee. If the component is faulty, damaged or the cartridge is incompatible with your Apollo Printer, you can simply return for a replacement or the correct inkjet cartridge. In the event that the product doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, will refund your money, no questions asked. offers a wide variety of Apollo P-Series Printer ink cartridge products. In some cases Genuine and New Compatible cartridges are available. Along with the entire remanufactured single cartridge P-Series stock, also carries combo packs, and tri-color type of remanufactured ink cartridges. From the Apollo P-1200 to the P-2600u you can expect the stellar printing results of’s remanufactured cartridges in any combination, output size and color for your personal, or business Apollo Printer. All of your Apollo Printer Ink needs are available in high quality, and at a low cost at, all guaranteed.

Be sure to browse the newsletter to find out about any special deals, discount codes or coupons you entitled to as a subscriber to and as an Apollo Printer owner. can also offer expert assistance in all of your questions and queries concerning Apollo ink cartridge availability, installation and other troubleshooting issues. You can contact regarding Apollo Printer product by calling 877-INK-GRAB or simply logging onto It is this kind of attention to customer service that makes your destination for all of your Apollo Printer needs.

Apollo Inkjet Cartridges & Printer Supplies

Apollo Printers and ink cartridge products acted as a generic equivalent for Hewlett Packard as an alternative in response to discount vendors offering lower cost items. Apollo Printers became an assurance that HP could keep a foothold in the discount market for printer ink cartridges, and other printing products. Apollo, under the umbrella of HP, offered the same quality product and reliable service reputation as its parent company. Now defunct as a distributor, all available Apollo inkjet products are available through

At we carry a full line of Apollo printer ink products; Genuine, remanufactured and compatible inkjet, toner, fax, and copier cartridges all for use in your Apollo printer. Each printer ink cartridge listed for Apollo Printers on our website is accompanied by a page yield reference. This yield reference indicates the approximate number of pages that a given ink cartridge will print at 5% coverage or less. This is a useful tool in framing the right order for your printing needs. To maximize your output using a draft mode on your Apollo printer for everyday work conserves ink for special projects.

This is merely one aspect of the unparalleled customer service that offers in conjunction with Apollo Printer Ink products. At we feature a 90-day money back guarantee on all of the Apollo ink cartridges and printing products we carry. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase simply send it back for a no hassle exchange or a refund for the full cost of the item. is committed to providing top-flight customer service. Any questions you might have concerning your purchase or potential purchase, as well as any questions regarding locating, and using Apollo ink cartridges or printing product do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team at 877-INK-GRAB.

Like all printer ink cartridges, Apollo products should be stored at room temperature. Any extended exposure above or below normal room temperature can affect the quality of the ink as well as shorten its shelf life. Visit to sign up for newsletter regarding special deals and methods of care for all Apollo printer ink products. also offers advice and methods to keeping your ink cartridges at their highest quality and tips on conserving ink and toner. Browse for all your Apollo Printer needs and weekly discount codes and coupon offers. is your one-stop shop for Apollo Printer Ink Cartridges.

Apple’s Footprint on the Printing Industry

Apple has always been a company on the forefront of the technological revolution. From the beginnings of personal computing and as an integral part of the growing graphic arts industry, Apple has stood head and shoulders amongst its peers. is proud to be of service to the pioneers of the computer age. Apple led the way in the creation and marketing of both the laserwriter and stylewriter printers. carries a full line of Genuine, remanufactured and compatible inkjet, toner, fax and copier cartridges for all Apple Printers.

At we are committed to providing and excelling in filling your printer ink cartridge needs. In the case of Apple printer ink cartridges and printing products, offers Apple owners the unparalleled quality, service and respect that Apple affords to you when choosing you inkjet provider. Along with components needed for both Apple laserwriters and stylewriters, Inkgrabber .com offers tips and tricks of the trade that can help you store safely and conserve your Apple ink cartridges as well save you money in the process. offers a yield reference number for every Apple cartridge we stock. This reference number is a useful tool for determining the amount of ink you might need for a given period or project.

With all Apple printer ink purchases, offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the purchase of any Apple inkjet or toner cartridge you can simply send it back for an exchange or a full refund of the price you paid for the product. stands by its commitment to quality and Apple’s reputation for forward thinking and technological innovation. Any questions you may have about these Apple products or comments on the service provided can be directed to the customer service team at 877-INK-GRAB. An insightful and knowledgeable salesperson can help you with your entire Apple printing needs.

Upon delivery be sure to store your Apple Printer ink and accessories safely and within temperature parameters suitable for ink and toner. Products should always be kept at room temperature any exposure above or below tis condition could affect the shelf life and quality of the product. provides a newsletter that can help better understand these aspects of ink storage as well as keep you informed on any special deals that may be available regarding Apple Printer Ink Cartridges. With Apple Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges believes in providing you innovative products from innovative manufacturers at innovative prices.

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