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The New Uvijet KA Ink for Fujifilm Acuity Printers

Fujifilm has announced their latest plans to release a new series of high performing UV inkjet inks specifically designed for their Acuity Series Printers. These new UV inks, known as Uvijet KA, were developed in response to the increased performance demands of current wide format printers. The Uvijet KA series inks are set to offer improved adhesion performance and exceptional post-printing finishing properties on a variety of media types and textures.

Being designed for the large format hybrid Acuity printers, the main challenge for the R and D team was to create a formula that can adhere to almost any surface while keeping the rich tonality and wide color gamut expected from the UV series inkjets. The team ended with a UV ink formula that meets these requirements and also provides superior scratch resistance and enhanced tolerance to unwanted markings caused by fingerprints, protective films, and other paper handling actions. These features are a result of extensive Research and Development, to also keep the bright, “vivid” color output and excellent image quality the other Uvijet inks are known for while being able to handle the increased printing speeds and reduced droplet sizes the new wide format printers are requiring.

The Uvijet KA inks have been successfully tested across a wide range of rigid plastic substrates and other commonly used media materials making these inks and the compatible Acuity Series Wide Format Printers ideal for customers whose prerogative is adhesion. The adhesion range of the Uvijet KA inks is much wider than other inks currently on the market, allowing users to utilize and manage multiple substrates within a single ink to simplify the already complicated wide format printing process.

With this kind of ink versatility, Fujifilm has become dedicated to being a leading pioneer of Inkjet Technology. John Kaiser, product marketing manager, Inkjet Inks, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, also adds that their “rigorous and thorough testing exhibited excellent adhesion to acrylic, aluminum composite materials, fluted polypropylene (Correx), foam core, PETG, and styrene (vinyl).” The Uvijet KA Series is the third generation of UV Inks created, to handle rigid and flexible media types.

The previously created Uvijet OZ Inkjets were designed to give projects a higher degree of flexibility, enabling users to cut, fold, crease, drive, and route printed material. The Uvijet QN Inkjets showcase an eight color ink system for improved image quality on super-wide printouts intended for indoor exhibitions and as display graphics. Fujifilm has also been developing their Uvijet LL series inkjet system which includes high opacity white and clear inks for optimum performance with proprietary LED curing systems onboard certain wide format LED printers.

The Uvijet KA ink system is an alternative four color CMYK ink technology for the Acuity printers that was designed to exhibit unmatched adhesive properties and superior resistances to external environmental markings. This ink also performs on a variety of rigid and flexible media substrates. And being the third generation of an advanced UV inkjet ink system, the Uvijet KA inks have had time to be refined and built into a reliable and legitimate inkjet cartridge for hybrid wide format printers from Fujifilm.

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